Fear Filled

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Fear Filled

I have a lot of new in my life right now. I have a lot of decisions to make. I have a lot to do. One friend told me to stop making excuses. Another told me to just do something. They both love me and they both meant well, but ouch.

Right now, I’m really scared. I’m afraid of picking the wrong thing. I’m afraid of getting neck deep in something and realizing it’s not what I want to be neck deep in.

I want to make the correct decision and it’s this desire to do exactly the right thing that currently has me paralyzed.

And it’s now, as I reread my previous sentence, that I get it. I get it. Only in hindsight can we ever know what exactly the right thing is.

I am pointed in a direction that is generally good. I am surrounded by amazing people who love me and support me and who will call bullshit even when I won’t.

I have to step forward. I have to pick something fear filled or not. I have to get neck deep in it because it’s only then that I’ll know if I’ve picked the right thing.


  1. How is it that everything I’m reading from you this week is calling me to a higher place in my own little corner of the world? I am really good at “story” and beating myself up for making an impulsive decision or taking a wrong turn in the loops and curls of my life. It takes a lot of work to get back to “neutral” and just make a course correction. Thank you for the quiet nudge.

  2. You won’t pick the “wrong” thing. It may not be the “eventual” thing, but sometimes the “wrong” thing is merely a stepping stone, something you need to do to meet someone/acquire experience/learn a lesson that you need to get you where you’re supposed to be. There is no “wrong” decision. Except staying stuck.

  3. It is rumored that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after a thousand tries, and he was asked how he felt about failing a thousand times. He replied that he hadn’t failed a thousand times, he had actually invented a thousand different ways not to make a light bulb. It truly isn’t just about the goal of achieving a meaningful life, it is also the journey there.

  4. I’ve been going through exactly the same thing–wanting to make the right decisions, afraid to move forward for fear of making a mistake, feeling paralyzed because I can’t control or even know the outcome. As always, your writing resonates with me. Wish you were here so we could sit down and talk about it all over a glass of wine! xox

  5. How will you know what the ‘right thing’ is until you choose something?

    This was today’s message from the Universe. I hope it brings you some peace.

    You’ll know when you need to know, Rita, and not a moment earlier.

    That’s how it works when the answer you’re looking for depends on other events that must first settle, new players that need to be gathered, and serendipities that are still being calculated.

    Rita, sometimes, not even I know, until I know.

    But you will,
    The Universe

    • Rita, I hit the “publish” button then went to check my email. I got the same message from the universe! Isn’t it lovely when that happens?

  6. Yup! You’re on the right path. 🙂 Take the first step in FAITH, and everything will unfold magically + divinely! Keep going girl! xxx

  7. We are all afraid some of the time about something. Make a plan and take penguin steps. Focus on one task at a time. You Can Do This!

  8. I know that paralyzed feeling very well, too, Denise. I tend to take more time when it comes to making decisions (that’s the introvert in me) but now what I’m beginning to learn is to listen to myself more. What I’ve found is that the “right” thing to do/choose – I know it. I just have a lot of confidence or conviction behind it to make that decision. It’s a scary thing to choose. But as I keep practicing the habit of listening to my gut more often and being honest with myself (it’s not as easy as I it sounds ;), making decisions is becoming a bit easier along the way.

    Hope this helps you in some way! Just remember that all the answers you seek are within. Nobody knows better than you. This is your life and you choose how you want to live it 🙂 If you feel like you’re about to make a big leap, towards some scary unknown territory, you’ve got plenty of people for support xoxo

  9. Denise, the fact that you shared your fears was a brave step forward. The fact that others responded with empathy shows you’re not alone in these fears.

    The fact is: you’re making decisions already. Bravo!

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