On The Cusp

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On The Cusp

“Wherever the fates lead us let us follow.” – Virgil

Recently, I find myself on a cusp. I’ve been eliminating and simplifying, carefully considering the value and necessity of what I keep in my life. I’ve turned in my notice at the J-O-B and am intently working on a few projects that I will be sharing soon. I feel for the first time in a very long time that I am in transition; an extremely good transition.

Right now, what I most want to do is focus. I want to go deep. I just want to give myself a bit of time to grow. I’ve decided to honor these urges by holding space for myself.

I’m still writing; even more than before. I’m still here; even more present than before. For the next little bit, I am keeping my attention on these projects and the things I need to learn to bring them to fruition. I’m tending to my soul and nourishing my body. I’m loving those whom I adore and holding them close in my life and my heart.

This website has become a very special place for me. I hope it is for you too. If you’re so inclined, you can subscribe using the box to your right. That way you won’t miss a thing. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch hit me up on facebook as I hang out there from time to time.

Now, a question for you. What are one or two things you need to do to honor yourself and your journey? What do you do to hold space for yourself? I hope you’ll take a second to share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Good for you! The “cusp” is a crazy place to be, as you balance between past and future, known and unknown, status quo and “time to go”…but the words you chose (honor yourself) really capture it.

    My wife Vanessa and I decided to go that same route not too long ago…and we’re SO GLAD we did. Editing our lives and simplifying so we can focus has been the driving force for us for over a year now. As you know, many people (even some of those closest to you) won’t understand…the won’t “get it”…but I’m sure you know that and are prepared.

    Best of luck to you on your journey. If you want to listen to some like minded folks on a similar journey then check out our show…we talk every week about simplifying. I won’t be spammy and post a link, but in an older episode (Episode 13) I talk about my escape and discuss how others may react to you decision.

    See you at WDS?

    • I forgot how much I like being on the cusp. Walking that fine line between safe and sorry. I use to live there but motherhood and my ensuing quest for safe and secure pushed away from the edge. Now I’m back and planning to hang out here more often.

      No WDS for me this year. I will miss being there, but I’m sure I’ll return. So, many of my favorite people are part of it.

  2. Time for creativity and worship is essential for me. When I make space for that, I feel satisfied and uplifted. Staying as flexible as possible in order to enjoy time with my children, when they have spontaneous desires for time with me, whether it be gatherings, walks, or just babysitting my grandson is very important. The joy I feel when close to those I love the most is immeasurable.

    Like a seedling needs space for its roots to grow and fill, so to do we need space from which to make secure and stable connections with those we love, gain nourishment for our souls, and give of ourselves in ways that bless others.

    • You said, “like a seedling needs space for its roots to grow and fill, so to do we need space from which to make secure and stable connections with those we love, gain nourishment for our souls, and give of ourselves in ways that bless others.” I love it…captures the essence of what I was trying to say. Thank you.

  3. I honor myself and my journey by going on Facebook. Seriously. It brings me great joy and energy to check in with all of the amazing people I have known in my life. I don’t know how I lived without it so long….

    • I’m with you, Pam. I have connected and reconnected with so many amazing people. A few minutes on fb always puts me in a good state of mind.

  4. I’m trying really hard to do something “artsy” every day. Some days I’d almost rather clean the house (almost) because it’s so hard getting started from scratch. It’s easier if I have a project started that I can add a little to each day. But once I start, it definitely energizes me rather than drains me, like so much of the rest of my day does.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your cusp, and how things are going with your new adventures! xox

    • I’m that way with working out. I’ll think of a hundred things I’d rather do but once I get there I have a great time and am glad I went. I love that so many of you hold space to be creative and nurture relationships. I think for many people that’s what gets cut first when we get busy.

  5. I’m a little late to the party but I hope you can hear me clapping! 😉

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