One Bite at a Time

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One Bite at a Time

Every time I feel the anxiety welling up inside me as I contemplate all I want and need to do, I remind myself that to eat an elephant you must do it one bite at a time. This thought helps, for a moment.

I quit a job I loved over a year ago, so that I could create the life I wanted. I’ve done a lot this past year. I’ve made some changes, had some success, and suffered more disappointment and heart ache then I cared to suffer. I’m trying to embrace the lessons and learn them well so that I will make better choices in the future.

Most important, I’m trying to stick to my original goal of living a balanced life and being my true authentic self. It has not been easy. Taking care of myself is a challenge as I struggle to incorporate workouts, prayer, and time for self reflection into my each and everyday. It’s so much easier to busy myself with work / family / commitments. Speaking my truth, standing up for what I believe in, and doing what I know to be right is a struggle as I would rather cower in the cave of my past and just go along with the crowd. It’s so much easier.

Most important I’m trying to be supportive: to myself. A new concept for me. Change will come. I have to do things different and I have to keep moving forward even when it’s easier to settle back into my old patterns and habits.

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