Second Half

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Second Half

“Promise to remember that you are braver then you believe and stronger then you seem and smarter then you think.”  – Piglet to Pooh

As 2011 turned into 2012, my friend, Beth, asked the following: “A new calendar year gives us a new start with the exception of pain. I’m asking myself, “What do I want?” What do you want this year for you…just for YOU? Hearing from you will be therapeutic. I want healing and to learn how to take care of myself.”

I liked Beth’s question and after a bit of contemplation I responded: “I want less stuff and more life experience. I want to lean into the challenges and pain and feel them and then let them go so I can move on. I want to grow and be true to myself and authentic even when it’s unflattering. I want to surround myself with people and things that make me better.”

Be careful what you ask for. I should know better than to make such proclamations. I was hoping that 2012 would be less of the smack down that characterized my 2011, but I was taken at my word. As we pass the halfway point, I look back at the past six months and am amazed to see how each part of my proclamation has manifested itself in my daily life.

Listen, in the past six months, I’ve been knocked-kneed scared. I’ve made a cadre of mistakes. I’ve had to deal with stuff in which, quite honestly, I really wasn’t interested in dealing. But I did it anyway. I leaned into the challenges. I cried when it hurt. I let it go. I moved on. Most important; however, I’ve learned much about myself through each “opportunity.”

As my garage fills with unnecessary items destined for charity, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion and had some…um…interesting life experiences. I’ve been unflatteringly honest as I pound out these essays. And if it’s true that you become the sum of those whom you surround yourself, then I am in good company indeed. Old friends have come back into my life, amazing new people have shown up, and future opportunities are looking rosier all the time.

I’ve learned that all problems are not mine to solve. I like to think I’m getting better at recognizing when I’m up and when I just need to step back and let things take care of themselves. For me, this is much easier said then done.

So, as I push into the second half of the year, I want more of the same. Yes, I said it. MORE. OF. THE. SAME. I wouldn’t trade one sucky minute because each challenge I faced has made me better, smarter, and stronger. And I’m going to ask for something more…focus and clarity. I’m asking the Divine (ok, really I’m begging the Divine) for guidance in ordering the opportunities that are before me. Lately, overwhelm has become my constant state. I’m not afraid to push, to work, to fight, I just need guidance in ordering the battles.

So, now you know what I’m asking for, but what about you? Going back to Beth’s question, “What do you want this year for you…just for YOU?” Feel free to leave your response in the comments below. Sending each of you lots of love, healing, and stellar insight into your own hearts.


  1. Amazing – I can feel your honesty and passion just through reading the article. This year has been a hell of a ride for me too. Stepped out of my comfort zone countless times, did things I never would think I would do, and from that I have experienced SO many awesome things! For the second half of the year what I want is to allow myself to be guided by the Universe, show up and be inspired! I want to be able to let go of my expectations and allow the great experiences to manifest in my life! Here’s to an amazing year for both of us, Denise! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Letting go of expectations. That’s a big one Jia Ni, and is something I’m learning to do as well. I’m trying to keep myself pointed in the right direction and let life happen. The universe alls dreams bigger then we do. I’m glad you’re having great experiences and here’s to more of the same. Sending love.

  3. Denise, your intention is manifesting itself in your words, too — powerful writing and sharing from the heart. For me, the term “second half” applies to my age as well (assuming I’ll live to be 108!) — at this stage, it seems even more compelling to “make it count.”

    What do I want? Clarity, guidance, and a huge dose of self-approval. I’ve lived the majority of my life depending on others to affirm my worth (often with disappointing results) and it’s time for me to tackle that responsibility with glee — for “me.”

    • I hear you, KImby. The second half applies to my age as well. Women live forever in my family so unless I get his by a bus (God, forbid, please) I’ll be around awhile. In the past, I’ve also depended on others for self-approval, but not so much anymore. The more I write and put myself out there, the more confident I feel and the less I care what anyone else thinks.

  4. Denise, you are an inspiration. What I want for myself is to be as strong and positive as you are in the face of life’s challenges. And for me, I’d like a whole lot fewer “sucky minutes,” hours, and days! Good for you for taking them head on.

    • Holly, you do know you inspire me? I had a ring side seat in watching you save your own life and you gave me the strength I needed to begin what turned out to be a ruthless self-evaluation that has led me to where I am today. You did that for me. I love you and am indebted to you for be a role model to not only me, but to your daughters, and a whole lot of others out there.

  5. As always, you write with brutal honesty and passion. I love that about you.
    This year, I began the word with a word. My word is HUMILITY, and I’m almost certain that was mine for last year, too. {sigh}
    I’d say my quest is going much better than last year’s, and I’m learning to be quieter and listen more. I’m learning to let go and let others… It’s okay that I’m not the rockstar of whatever, and it all comes back to it’s not all about me.
    I’m learning how to connect better, especially with my daughter. It’s not easy with her… it never is, but it’s better.
    And that’s a beginning I’m excited to celebrate.
    Thanks again for a thoughtful, insightful post. Well said.

    • I love being on this journey with you.

  6. Denise, your desperate cry to the universe for clarity resonates so much for me, as I was at a similar place a year ago before launching my coaching practice.

    I often find that it comes from the most unlikely of places and not where I would think to look (namely, my own mind).

    I’ll be sending you so much loving support as we take on the second half with more grace and ease!

    • Clarity and focus are my big asks right now, Sabrina. I’m open to going where ever I’m sent. I just want to be certain I’m on course. Grace and ease…now those are good words…adding them to my vision board. Love.

  7. Wonderful post Denise! This year for me was about fully stepping into my authentic power, embracing who I am and sharing my gifts with the world in an even bigger way. This year has been wonderful but nothing like I expected or planned. This intention has shifted everything – from the focus of my business, how I work with people, how I write, how I am and most importantly has really allowed me to see what my gifts are – and they are not all what I thought they were! Like you I’m asking for more of the same. Bring it on! I’m ready and willing 🙂

  8. And you are so on track my friend. You have so much wonderful waiting for you. Sending love.

  9. I am an avid reader of blog posts, Denise, but I must say when I find myself on your page I want to linger and just let your words wash over me. So many nuggets of wisdom on and between the lines. Here are the two I wrote down today:
    I want to grow and be true to myself and authentic even when it’s unflattering.
    All problems are not mine to solve.
    I could write a paragraph (maybe a page) on what those two lines brought up for me today but suffice it to say that the wisdom you are sharing in the blog is deep and I look forward to every word you utter. Thank you.

    • Awwwww…Sue Ann. Thanks.

  10. I very much enjoyed this post, Denise. Thank you!

    My mind’s been scattered lately… Well, lately is an understatement since this has been going on for months. So, I can very much relate to this need for clarity and focus. That is what I’m currently asking the Universe for. I’m also asking to be healed… but that’s been it’s own journey over the years filled with many learnings.

    I, too, am realizing that despite the roller coaster this year has been (much like you, I was hoping that it would calmer than 2011), whatever I’ve put out there has manifested and I must say, faster than I ever would have imagined in the past. And, so it is this realization that I turn to when things get tough. Anything is possible… I just have to ask and get clear on what I want.

    Thanks again!

    • Melina, isn’t it wonderful when we get what we ask for and need? I’m glad to know that you are on the roller coaster with me. Between stagnation and rapid change, I’ll take rapid any day of the week. I’m trying to be content with not knowing … for now at least and trusting that clarity will come when the time is right.

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